A multicultural exploration and promotion of women's art, poetry, and writing

Submissions Guide

What to Submit

PPM publishes art and writing with a feminist backbone. When considering what might fit our vision, keep the following in mind:

✦ This is a WOMEN ONLY publication. This does not mean that we wish to exclude men's voices in our discussions or forums that may later be included in an issue, rather that the works we publish have to be generated or owned by the woman submitting them.

✦ It is a publication and environment for women, and will celebrate all art and writing that reflects women's issues in our current environment. With each publication, our hope is to have things be stimulating.

✦ We look to promote work that embodies the female experience, whether it be political, professional, personal, domestic, relational, social, and/or spiritual. The guideline for how well these elements fit the vision of the mag will depend on how the central focus of the piece remains on the woman inside and outside of these influences.

✦ Our forums and publications will work actively to promote these interest topics and issues.

Contributors Copies

Due to the high print quality of the publication and the amount of artists and writers we include in each issue, PPM is not able to supply free contributor copies to individuals whose work is featured in an issue. Each edition will offer a free electronic download in addition to print purchase options. 



Send up to five poems per submission or up to two short stories or personal essays in a single .doc file attachment AND embed the text in the body of your email. 
Send up to ten images as .jpg attachments. If we need a higher resolution version of an image for publication purposes we'll notify you. Not sure what PPM is looking for? See images below.
All submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Include a brief bio--under 150 words--in the body of your email. 

If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer and developing or reprinting an article in a future issue, send a 150-word query or a link/file for previously published articles. PPM aims to include at least two articles each issue developed by contributing writers. We have also selected essays on art, art history, or other related topics when they fit that edition’s themes. Queries that fall into any of these categories are welcome.

PPM isn't concerned about first publication rights. We don't care if your work has already made its online or print debut as long as you own the rights to republish it. We do care about bringing readers striking and powerful art and writing that inspires. 

Our diverse membership spans the globe and is comprised of well-established artists and writers to new and emerging. Our vision is to give voice to women's issues and experiences. If something fits the current issue, that is what will define it being accepted for publication.

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There are two ways to submit your work to PPM, keeping feminist intent and/or women's issues in mind. The first way is to submit art and poetry to our Redbubble group galleries. The other way to submit your work for publication consideration is to email it to [email protected]. You may submit in multiple categories and are welcome to submit additional work once you have heard back from us.

Publication Rights upon Acceptance 

This is a not-for-profit magazine and website. PPM aims to give women a voice through the promotion of their art, ideas, and principles.

Once your work is accepted for publication, your publication rights revert back to you. Any work that is selected for publication may also be included in any combination of our future publication venues, be it our print and online magazine, website pages, our Redbubble feature pages or blog posts, and/or our social network pages. Any time images or writing are used, full credit is given to the artist or writer. 

In the event you do not wish for your selected image or writing to be used in any of our other forums, you will need to notify us in writing at [email protected].